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Cincinnati Airport Parking, CVG

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To shorten your trip at CVG before it begins, choose ValAir.

When you meet us at ValAir, our express valet service drops you off at the airport terminal in your car, saving you time from circling a garage, or waiting around for a shuttle at a distant lot. On the way, the valet records your info and any extra services you'd like while you're gone.

Start over achieving at just $12 a day.

Express Valet Pricing

0 - 5 Hours $2/hour
5+ Hours Day Rate
Daily Rate is $12 (per 24 hours)

Compare to CVG valet parking at $24/day!


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Your car is fully insured in our secure lot.

We specialize in parking cars, not packing sardines. But should any damage occur to your car in our valet lot, we cover it. And you can rest easy knowing our parking lots are secured and monitored 24/7.

"After an 8-hour flight, there's nothing more reassuring than seeing my car running. I'm practically home."

When you return, our shuttle service meets you curbside at the baggage claim and takes you back to your car that's already running, and heated or cooled. Perfect for sizzling days, or frigid nights. And you'll enjoy the complimentary bottle of water with your receipt.

Premium services for the over achiever

Rejuvenate your vehicle at ValAir while you're away on business.

Car Wash

Exterior: Your car glistens with a full wash and high-gloss tire shine.
Small and midsize cars: $15
SUVs, vans and full size pick-ups: $18
Hand wash: $30

Interior: We vacuum upholstery, clean mats and windows, and wipe dashboard and instruments.
Small and midsize cars: $15
SUVs, vans and full size pick-ups: $18
(Extremely dirty interiors, add $5 minimum)

Complimentary vehicle charging and tire pressure checks

Oil Change

Premier: A standard oil filter plus battery check, fluid top off (transmission, coolant, washer, brake) and tire pressure check/fill. Inspections: Air filter, wiper blades, belts and hoses, and chassis (lubricate if applicable).
Starting at $44.99 and synthetic starts at $69.99 (up to 5 quarts of motor oil)

Tire Rotation

Increase the life of your tires. Doesn't include balancing. $39.99 (free if purchased from Tire Discounters)


Max Detailing: Wash and wax exterior, bug and tar removal, clean door jams, detail tires and wheels. Interior: Detail windows, vacuum and shampoo carpets, wipe trim and vinyl, clean center console.
Small and midsize cars: $185
SUVs, vans and full size pick-ups: $220

Mini Detailing for interior or exterior only:
Small and midsize cars: $140
SUVs, vans and full size pick-ups: $170

Outside Service Repairs

Should your car need off-site repairs, we'll consult you. Price doesn't include repair cost.
$20 drop-off/pick-up fee

Blue-Chip Service

We deliver your vehicle curbside at the baggage claim and load your bags into the vehicle. $15. Free to disabled and special-assistance customers.

Don't need valet service? Park in our EconoPark lot and take our EconoPark shuttle service to and from the airport.

EconoPark Pricing

0 - 3 Hours $2/hour
3+ Hours Day Rate
Daily Rate is $7 (per 24 hours)

Cars of all shapes and sizes get pampered at ValAir CVG parking.